Furniture Depository

Are you moving but don't have enough room for all of your furniture? Would you like to store a part of your furniture while work is going on in your home or for an indefinite period of time?

We can provide you with metal containers of 10m3, 15m3, 33m3 and more, stored in a secure, air-conditioned warehouse.

Storage is à la carte and we will study together the solution that is best for you:

  • Short- or long-term storage according to your needs, from one day to an indefinite period of time
  • Access by appointment to your things in storage
  • Optimal protection against theft, fire and damp
  • This service is offered to private individuals and to business people
  • Insurance is possible according to the value of your goods

Don’t hesitate to call us for a personalised offer!

+32 2 673 10 06